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This post shows you how to switch the Jekyll theme on your existing GitHub Pages site




  1. Open console and navigate to the docs sub-folder in your checked out repo (is in my case).
  2. Open _config.yml for editing. Look for theme: minima and change it to theme: jekyll-theme-modernist and save the file.
  3. Back at the bash prompt, run bundle update while still in the docs sub-folder. This will download all the themes supported by GitHub pages locally to your computer.
  4. Try to render existing posts locally by issuing bundle exec jekyll serve. You will get a build warning saying that the layouts for the types page, post and home are not known.
    This is because if you look at the GitHub repo for the modernist theme, you will realise that _layouts folder there only has default.html.
    So at this point we can open the affected markdown files and switch the layout for each of them to default or we can supply the html files for the page, post and home layout types manually. We will try the latter.
    Press ctrl+c to kill the server.
  5. Copy the home layout files from the (_layouts)[] folder of the minima theme:
    1. At the console while still in the docs sub-folder, issue mkdir _layouts
    2. cd _layouts
    3. wget
  6. For the post and page layout, let’s just duplicate the default layout of the modernist theme, we can customize them later:
    1. wget -O post.html
    2. wget -O page.html
  7. Edit home.html to use the theme
    1. Open home.html for editing and change
      layout: base


      layout: default

      and save.

  8. Render locally
    1. Navigate one level up back to docs : cd ..
    2. bundle exec jekyll serve
    3. Open in Browser

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